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We are a digital marketing agency specialising in search engine optimisation services.

We Want To Help You Grow

The SEO Agency Edinburgh are on a mission to stimulate the economy by growing the profits of businesses in Edinburgh.

Open Lines of Communication

Our process is engineered based on industry complaints. Everything we do is 100% open and shared with clients with Google Drive. At the beginning of the campaign you’re granted access and throughout the lifetime of the campaign you can follow along with our work.

Cutting Edge Strategy

Our clients hire us to get results and to do that, we’re brutally honest. We can’t achieve success unless we uncover every piece of your web presence and make the right changes to improve it. Our clients count on us for unfiltered advice, we’re happy to deliver on that.

We Work Hard To Get Results

The only thing on this planet we can truly control is our own effort. While we can’t guarantee an ROI on your campaign, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to achieve it. You will never question our level of effort on your SEO campaign. 

SEO Process

We believe in growth marketing. To achieve “growth”, there needs to be a perfectly defined process or framework dictating the exact execution. Everything we do is based on processes proven to deliver results.

Headquartered in Edinburgh

Our main office is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. We chose this area because of the commitment to craft, quality products, built by artisan entrepreneurs. This is a mission we at The SEO Agency Edinburgh identify with and love being a part of the community.