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Google AdWords Charity

Google AdWords Grant for Charities

Google Adwords Grants can be seriously good for your charity's health. Find out how you could be benefiting from Google's AdWords Charity Program.

Google AdWords Charity Grant Programme

What is Google Ad Grants for Charities?

The Google Ad Grant is open to registered charities in countries including the UK. Google reserves the right to turn charities down for any reason, including the organisation’s politics. However, refusal from Google is rare.

All they require is an application form to be submitted, highlighting what the organisation does and the benefits a Google AdWords grant would bring.

The $10,000 value is actually calculated by Google as $330 per day. Once the account has been authorised by the Google grants team, Non-profit organisations need to create sample campaigns. This is to demonstrate that the charity understands how AdWords works and also that they are able to use it effectively and appropriately.

This needs to be done carefully; poorly constructed campaigns will be rejected by Google and will then have to be re-submitted, causing considerable delay.

Free AdWords Grant Application

SEO Agency Edinburgh can carry out the application process for you free of charge to give you the best possible chance of being accepted into the Google AdWords Grant Program.

Google Ad Grants for Non Profits & Charities

For most charities the Google Ad Grants programme represents the lowest hanging fruit available when it comes to online advertising. Irrespective of organisation size, Ad Grants offers charities $10,000 value in google Adwords, which increases to $40,000 once accounts are effectively optimised and tracking visitors effectively.

We are a leading agency at developing Google grants, which operate slightly differently to standard search campaigns and need a different set of strategies and tactics as a result.

All of the Charity accounts we manage have maximised on the account spend needed to be eligible for the $40,000 Grantspro.

Effective optimisation can deliver substantial results, immediately. For most charities the practical implications of the basic $10,000 grant are an additional 350+ daily users, targeted by their search activity – exactly who the charity is looking to attract: potential beneficiaries, donors, campaigners, job applicants, or people looking for a charity to support by taking on a physical challenge.

Great news right?!

And the size of a charity makes no difference. As such for some of our smaller clients Google AdWords makes over 90% of their traffic.

Is my Charity eligible for Google Grants Program?

To qualify for the programme, charities must be based in the UK and registered with the Charity Commission, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or Inland Revenue.</p> <p>In addition, the following organisations are not eligible: governmental entities and organisations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, childcare centres, academic institutions and universities, political parties, political organisations, and lobbying groups.

What are the Restrictions?

You’re allowed a daily budget of $330, your ads can only appear on Google search results (you can target other sites using a paid account), you can only run text ads and you’ll have a maximum cost-per-click of $1 (some keywords will cost more than this but you should be able to find plenty of things to bid on with your grant).</p> <p>In addition, your ads need to ‘reflect the mission of your organisation and your keywords must be relevant to your programmes and services’.

How do you make the most of your grant?

To make the most of your grant will require time. Dedicate time to learning about AdWords best practice. Link your AdWords account to Google Analytics so you can focus on what it is delivering.<br /> If you really care for and nurture your grant, my hunch is that before too long you’ll be using up all your monthly budget. And remember, if you spend $9,500 in two months of the previous 12, you’ll be in a position to apply for Grantspro.

What does Google ask for in return?

Not very much, but what they do ask for needs to be followed carefully. The company asks that you ‘actively engage’ with the programme, which effectively means replying to any emails that come in and logging in at least once a month to see how your campaigns are performing. If you do not reply to emails or do not log in for three months in a row, your account could be paused or suspended, so it is worth doing what they ask on this one.

What is GrantsPro?

Ad Grants account that have been active and meeting the required standards for 6 month can then apply to upgrade to the $40,000 per month Grantspro programme. In order to apply for the increased in-kind advertising spend you will need to match Google’s eligibility requirements which include effectively tracking meaningful conversions, hitting the budget cap and having the account in good health.

If you have an existing Adwords Grant account then we would love to talk to you about the best way to maximise on your traffic in order to receive the Grantspro account – and then use the extra advertising budget to it’s full potential.

Discover How We can Help Your Charity Today

To find out more about the Ad Grants programme please give us a call. We’re passionate about helping local charities and Non-Profit Organisations make the most from this program.