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How to scale White Hat Link Building

How to scale White Hat Link Building

Link Building step by step process

In this guide SEO Agency Edinburgh are going to tell you how to scale your link building efforts for you and your clients, if you are an SEO much like me. Links can really help drive your entire business forward. Link building drives organic traffic and will continue to do so in 2016.

This guide will teach you how to build white at links at an incredible scale and how you can automate a large part of that process all while keeping this process at a cost effective rate.

No one really does “outreach” … right?

It’s too time consuming, it’s difficult to scale, the success rate is low, the agencies that do outreach just use masked private blog networks.

What types of Links can I build in 2016

Blog and forum comments


Local Bloggers

Broken Link Building

Synonym Method

Sponsored Posted

Link Reclamation

Resource Pages

Guest Posting

Link Roundups


*Disclaimer* I am not a better SEO or marketer than you or anyone else!

What I do have though is a process!

Processes are key to your link building success

  • Everything in your business should follow a process. It is the quickest way to scale a services business while at the same time ensuring quality of your work. Starbucks are a perfect example
  • A lot of SEO’s and marketers stay clear of processes as they believe everything should be custom.
  • A sound process can actually drive improvement by identifying gaps and roadblocks.


So without further ado lets walk through my link building process

What are the key groupings within link building?

This link building process starts by mapping out the elements. If i didn’t show you how I built this process it might be a little confusing. So here are the key groupings that are involved in the link building process.

Strategy – determining what types of links to source

What do you need understand for the strategy to work?

  • Basic understanding of target website
  • Dictate what types of links to attack
  • Basic understanding of link quality


Prospecting – Finding the link opportunities

What do you need understand for the prospecting to work?

  • Knowledge of how to use search operators
  • Knowledge of how to find emails
  • Basic knowledge of excel


Outreach – Contacting each link opportunity

What do you need understand for the outreach to work?

  • Ability to communicate
  • Knowledge of how to send emails
  • Ability to multitask and organisational skills


Creating Content(if required) – Writing content

What do you need understand for the content creation to work?

  • Ability to write or design content
  • Ability to stick to deadlines

These are the four main pillars of link building success. After this I created very hyper-specific roles around the process. This allowed me to find the best people for each step in the process.

The link building process works best with clearly defined roles

Lead SEO (LS)

Website analysis
Content analysis
current link analysis
Set up project management
Set up analytics
Set up keyword tracking

Link Prospector (LP)

Web research
Find link opportunities
Use search operators
Use social media
Understanding of link quality
Record opportunities in Excel

Outreach Manager (OM)

Set up email in client name for outreach
Build outreach persona
Set up outreach templates
Contact Prospects
Negotiate with prospects
Work with content creator

Content Creator (CC)

Freelance writer or in house designer
On call to write content
On call to create infographics

Those are the people that are involved in my link building process. Each person is able to focus and concentrate on their clearly defined role, which allows for the best results possible.

Link Building Excel Sheet

I like to use Google sheets to stay on task, I love that it is a shared environment. Organisation is critical to making this link building technique be successful. In the sheet file I have 3 tabs;

Prospecting tab

This is where the link prospector is assigned tasks that dictate what type of links to source. Simply adding link type and the keywords for the campaign the link prospector can source the web for opportunities.

Opportunities tab

This is where the link prospector records the link opportunities they find. In this tab the target website URL, contact email, contact name and guidelines URL will be added. All of this information allows the outreach manager to embark on the outreach campaign.

Working content tab

Guest posting and content creation will play an integral part of many campaigns. The key here is being organised.

… so lets crack on and start talking about the white hat at scale link building process.

Step 1: Preform target site analysis (preformed by LS)

To target the the best websites for outreach we need to create audience profiles. This helps is to pick the right keywords for prospecting. There are a number of ways we can do this;

1. Check Google Analytics

Audience > interests (this is based on cookies and browser history)

2. Commons sense/ topical analysis

3. Facebook audience insights

Step 2: Build Keyword List (preformed by LS)

The previous step, site analysis should blow out a number of topical buckets we can use to fan out into keywords. These keywords will be used with search engine operators to allow us to find link opportunities i.e keyword + “write for us”

You can use Google suggest and related searches to really blow out the number of micro niches for link building. The key is to use the right search engine operators and really extend your keyword list into micro niches.

Step 3: Assign “Prospector” keywords (preformed by LP)

In the link building Google sheets doc enter the keywords you found. Now the prospector can go off and find link opportunities.

If required this information can be shared with your clients if you are an SEO consultant or agency. If you know most SEO firms don’t like to share their link building info then you will have a huge advantage. At Ginger Viking we really like to open up our doors.

Steps 4-10 are pretty self explanatory so I will list them as an overview for you guys.

Step 4: Filter opportunities based on client/campaign needs

Step 5: Pull opportunities into CSV file

Step 6: Upload opportunities to Pitchbox

Step 7: Set up email templates

Step 8: Schedule email outreach

Step 9: Manage Responses

Step 10: If required assign content to writer/designer

All of this process can be automated or you can do it all yourself or have your in house SEO team work this way to really start driving results for you clients SEO and link building campaigns. 

But… how much does this link building process cost?

You can do this all on your own/in house
Leverage cheap content labor, maybe a few hundred pounds per month.
The bulk of your cost will come from content writing/creation
You can also turn around and sell this process as an outsourced service to other agencies. (Caching!)

If you use this white hat link building technique, you will never have to worry about links again. You will find yourself in complete control and be able to focus on other tasks.

Feel free to reach put to me about any of the steps in this link building method and Ill be happy to help and answer any questions you may have. Or if you would like me to be your very own private link building consultant then feel free to contact me on that too.

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