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SEO Free Trial

14 Day Free SEO Trial

Risk Free SEO services with real results for your business in 14 days.

We’re fed up of SEO agencies over promising and under delivering. We want our clients to be able to try before they buy, to show how good our internet marketing skills are.

The SEO Agency Edinburgh believe that we can show you the benefit of working with us within 14 days, if we can’t, for whatever reason you can cancel your campaign with us in 30 seconds with zero cost.

How it Works

Simply get in touch with us today by filling in our contact form.

Then one of the team will give you a call back (within 24 hours)

Next we will gather a couple of quick details, the keyword you want us to focus on and confirm the free trial has started.

We may need access to your admin portal in some circumstances so please have these details to hand if you have them.

What to Expect from Your Free SEO Trial

All you need to do then is sit back and watch the rankings.

We target a 10% increase in average rank for your chosen keyword within the 14 days, if this doesn’t happen we will happily cancel your campaign if you wish.

SEO isn’t a fast process so we’re not expecting the earth within the trial period but we’re confident of achieving 10% growth in that time and continued success month on month from there.

Fees After Trial Period

After the 14 day free SEO trial you’ll switch to a live campaign based on the price quoted before the trial started, you can choose to add more keywords at that point if you like.

From there we’ll continue to work on all the amazing SEO techniques we do in each of our campaigns, you’ll get monthly reports based on the success and you can sit back and enjoy the rewards safe in the knowledge everything is being taken care of.

Our prices per keyword start at as little as £99 per month after the free trial. We will quote you at the beginning of your trial so you know how much an ongoing SEO campaign will cost.

Cancellation Process

To cancel your campaign without any cost, give us a call on 07496 594 107 within the 14 day free trial and we’ll happily do so for you.

If you fail to confirm cancellation by phone as detailed you will incur a monthly cost based on your monthly keywords. This cost is charged on the 15th day and every 30 days from that date unless cancelled. We require a 30 day notice period for cancellation.

Real SEO. Real Results. No Risk.

Experience our SEO services without the risk
Completely in house, white hat & manual SEO
No questions asked cancellation
Pick any keyword(s) you like
Monthly reports and permanent rankings